About Us

The Beauty Source/Tougher Than Pain™©

Mission Statement


Our mission is to relieve pain and offer our users the ability to Work Better! Play Better! And Love Life Better! Our products are Natural and sourced from plants, shrubs, and trees. We are Safer and Better For You than most over-the-counter and all prescription pain relief products available today. We never use chemicals, processed alcohol, GMO’s or other potentially harmful ingredients. Beauty Source Unlimited (BSU) and its Pain Relief brands Tougher Than Pain™© and Tougher Than Cramps™© were created to offer you the very best topical body care products, featuring the finest ingredients and infusing them with the best Hemp CBD oil available.


We help people who suffer from everyday stress, body cramps, muscle spasms, deep tissue, and joint pain. We use the best natural pain relief ingredients available, sourced throughout the world. We give you the best because relief from pain is PRICELESS! We offer you a Proprietary Formulation that includes: four (4) anti-inflammatories, three (3) natural pain relievers, (2) antibiotics, (3) essential oils and a natural delivery system highlighted by the finest Hemp CBD oil available. (A list of our Ingredients and what they are refined from and what they do to relieve your pain, is available on this website). We have lots of competition, but when it comes to the best ingredients, how fast the relief works for you, and how long it lasts to keep you pain-free, we have no competition!